My youngest millennial son Quincy, occupies this room and seeing as it may be some time before he finds his own nest (sigh), I thought I would start with this bedroom first. I literally did nothing to this room for 18 years! Same paint, same window treatment, same light fixture. Actually, what’s even older than the finishes is the limey green chest of drawers that he’s had since he was a baby. I kept it simple, no theme, so that as he got older, the room grew with him.

To get this room revamped with a mature masculine look and save myself a fortune, I gave myself a budget of $2000. Most of the work will be done with my bare hands along with my Bona Fide assistant and hubs. 🙂

So here’s my tall list of stuff to get done or purchase:

  • scrape popcorn ceiling and paint
  • paint wall
  • overhaul closet
  • update bed
  • replace window treatments
  • replace sliding closet door
  • source new desk and chair
  • source new tv cabinet with one preferably with wood/doors/shelves
  • source new bedside table
  • donate old furniture: headboard, glass tv stand, green chest of drawers
  • optional wall shelving
  • new décor/accessories

Here are more before pics of the bedroom.

Phase one of this bedroom makeover for our young millennial is to remove the popcorn ceiling, get rid of the old closet shelving, repair and fill holes and add a fresh new coat of paint to the walls and ceiling and add a new light fixture.

Now the fun part begins. We emptied the room of all contents, removed the ceiling light fixture making sure to cover up exposed wiring and used drop cloth (old sheets and curtains) to keep the carpet from getting dirty. Plastic drop cloth sheets would have been better than fabric but we were cautious not to over spray.

Be sure to tape off all areas and cover furniture during this process. There will be lots of dust once you start sanding. You’d be surprised how far the fine particles will travel. Always wear a protective mask!

Removing Popcorn Ceiling

Materials Needed:

  • garden sprayer
  • hand scraper
  • paint roller
  • extension pole
  • high quality paint roller cover and brush
  • paint tray and liner
  • ceiling and wall paint
  • sanding block (not shown)

This was a messy process and unfortunately the hubs and myself weren’t able to snag any pics during this process so I’ll try to explain my way through.

I knew that our popcorn ceiling would be easy enough to remove since we scuffed it a few times having to move bulky furniture. It also smoothed out when wiping off wall paint with a wet rag after accidentally marking the ceiling. Fortunately ours was not premixed with paint which would make it more difficult to scrape.

Before attempting to remove your popcorn ceiling, have it tested for asbestos first. Many homes that were built before the 1980’s may contain asbestos which is a known cause of lung cancer.

We worked in small sections, spraying fine mists of water with the spray pump. It helped to soften the popcorn making it easier to scrape and minimize dust.

Avoid overspraying to avoid damaging to the drywall.

While I scraped, the hubs was catching the debris with a recycle bin to make cleanup less than a chore. We had the entire ceiling scraped within an hour.

We repaired any nail holes or imperfections and allowed to dry overnight. Even though we scraped all the popcorn ceiling off, there was some residue left over after scraping. So the entire ceiling would require sanding, not just the repair work. I also needed to tape and mud the joints where the wall meets the ceiling since there were signs of gaps due expansion and contraction over the years.

The ceiling ooks waaaaay better after three coats of paint. Use a primer folks!
By the way, that square slab you see on the floor is the access panel to the attic located in the ceiling in the closet. We gave that a fresh coat of ceiling paint before putting it back up.

Painting the Walls

The beigy paint in the closet was there when we purchased the home. I didn’t think to paint inside the closet since it was hidden behind the sliding doors. I likely ran out of steam from stripping wallpaper, painting the entire home and having mom duties. 🙂

Similar prep work like the ceiling, we filled any nail holes and imperfections with drywall compound and sanded the areas. If this is your first time painting walls, Real Simple has easy to follow step-by-step instructions on painting interior walls.

Believe it or not, the new paint does not resemble what’s in the pic. At the time of this makeover (early December), we had a lot of miserable grey skies which made the lighting poor for picture taking. The paint used is Sherwin Williams 7018 Dovetail, Opulence Matte finish.

Notice how differently light affects paint colour? This is a more recent pic but I wanted to show that I used the same colour on the baseboards. They are pretty insignificant and I didn’t want to highlight them by painting them white.

Now that all the paint is dry, I can finally put up this modern industrial style ceiling light I found online at a discounted price through Wayfair. Lots of light now! I’ll need it for the closet install which is Phase Two of this makeover. Mama needs some rest.

So what have I spent so far.

  • Ceiling Paint: $74.02 (I purchased two cans. The ceiling needed 3 coats or I’m a perfectionist. It will be used for other areas of the home.)
  • Wall Paint: $114.68
  • Ceiling light: $255.37 (original price $429.99 before tax and now reduced to $209.99 before tax, I’m cool, maybe)
  • Labour: my own
  • Paint supplies (rollers, brush, tray liners): $70.13
  • Remaining budget: $1485.80

If you have any questions or comments you wish to share, please free to pass them along. I’m anxious to hear from you!

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