Before I started this project, I initially wanted a decorative woven basket to cover the legs of my Christmas tree. I was having a difficult time finding one that was at least 26″ in diameter with a flat bottom and just the right height that wouldn’t interfere with the lower branches. I decided to figure out how I was going to make my own DIY braided Christmas tree collar cover.

I could just make it easy on myself and purchase a fabric tree skirt to cover the legs, but I wanted different. I wanted a basket. And this stumbled-upon find is what sparked my idea.

I almost didn’t see this tree collar sitting on the floor underneath the table of Christmas trees at Michael’s Stores. They have three different sizes, with the largest size exactly what I needed! It was like the best timing ever to be in search of something like this considering the regular price was $85 and would now be on sale for $39.99!! Whaaaaaat??!! Was this meant to be? Ah, heck ya!!

Super easy to put together and will be just as easy to take apart for storage.

As you can see, it’s not quite the decorative woven basket I had in mind. A little too rustic for my decor to leave as is. But I plan on changing that. I’m going to braid jute twine to create a woven basket look to cover this Christmas tree collar.

A trip to my local “Your Dollar Store with More” would help to keep costs down. Trying not to purchase more than I may need, due to their no refund policy, I decided to start off with 9 spools at 30 feet lengths of twine. Three trips later, I ended up needing 22 spools. At $2 each, I spent $44 to completely wrap the tree collar.

I used up this many spools of thread hand-basting, machine stitching and loading the bobbin. Mind you, these were threads I used on previous projects that closely matched the jute however, they were still pretty full.

You may want to consider purchasing at least three or four spools of 274 yards thread.

Using the first three rolls of twine, stitch the end to avoid unravelling.

Braid the entire length. You may find the rolls aren’t all the exact lengths, so snip off the excess and stitch the end to secure the braid.

It took me approximately 1 hour per braided length. Eight lengths of braid equal 8 hours of just braiding. Can’t rush the process. 🙂

Starting at the base of the tree collar, I wrapped the braided twine and pinned it in place.

I hand-basted the entire edges to keep the shape and make it easier for machine stitching.

Using medium width zig-zag stitch length, I stitched the braids being sure to catch the edges.

I used the #4 stitch length with my Pfaff sewing machine. Choose the stitch length that works best with your sewing machine to catch the braided edges.

The end result:

I didn’t need to remove the basting since it blended in so well with the colour of the jute. Since the store didn’t have enough rolls of the white yarn/jute mix and plain jute, I purchased three rolls of red yarn/jute mix. It works for me! I was relieved they had enough for me to finish this DIY braided Christmas tree collar cover! 😉

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