A collection of organizing projects, interior styling with creative DIY.

A Space to Store

This storage unit needed to be cleared of clutter with products organized for a busy event planner.

Space was maximized by taking advantage of the height with stackable storage containers. Products can easily be identified by the addition of labels.

Drawer Goodness

To keep the bathroom counters clutter free, cosmetics and hair accessories were sorted and corraled in underutilized drawers.

Stackable, clear acrylic trays helps with keeping similar items together while maximizing every square inch of the drawers.

Bath Vanity Optimization

To create more space for bath and beauty products that formerly occupied another area in the home, sturdy stackable bins were used to maximize the height of the cabinets.

Most of the existing containers were reused with a few new purchases to contain the additional items. The most frequently used products are placed in the forefront for quick access.

A Space With Purpose

Having little space to sort mail, shred unwanted documents or charge electronics, this area will now serve that function.

All clutter was cleared to give this area a renewed purpose. Reusing the clients belongings to be used as storage, helped save the added cost of purchasing new containers. Existing artwork was used for a decorative touch.

Bedroom Closet Revamp

This bedroom closet needed an overhaul to make more room for clothes and shoe management. The closet was given a facelift by replacing out old shelves and single rod with a new shelving system. Now there’s more vertical space to easily access shoes with double the rods to increase hanging potential.

Clothing Files

To provide space for clothing storage in drawers, t-shirts were folded in this manner which takes up less space but increases what it can hold. The client can see their entire clothing inventory at quick glance.