Although the renovation of this main bathroom is in its fourth year, there is still ample storage for products to remain organized.

It was a total gut job. I planned on using the same square foot, all 9 feet by 5 feet 6-inch of this small bathroom, but reconfigure the layout to optimize the space better.


The view of the toilet was less than desirable but I have plans to have it relocated. By changing the location of the toilet to an adjacent wall, it would also allow me to have more space for a larger vanity.

Tip: Changing the layout of even the smallest bathroom could free up more space. Consult with your contractor/interior designer for layout options and additional costs associated with changing the location of drains and plumbing.

Bona Fide Organizing Old Bathroom, Toilet

The old vanity was 30 inches wide and I would now have space for a 46-inch wide vanity! Sixteen inches of extra storage totally makes a difference folks!

Bona Fide Organizing Old Bathroom storage, View of Vanity and Medicine Cabinet

The old medicine cabinet was the perfect size to contain medications and facial products, so the plan is to replace it with one that has similar dimensions but will be recessed into the wall.

An area I wanted to optimize space for additional storage of bath products was in the shower. Since I was planning a renovation, this was my chance to add a niche instead of using a shower caddy. If you don’t have a niche, not planning on a renovation, use a shower caddy to keep bath products neatly contained and off the rim of the bathtub.

bona fide organizing old bathroom, shower with caddy


Fresh new layout to keep my bathroom organized with more space to store bath and beauty products.

Bathroom Storage

The shower area has a niche! 🙂 As you can see, useful storage in the bathroom for body wash and shampoo.

Since the length of the bathtub is a few inches shorter than the width of the shower area (wall to wall), there were a few inches of space to create a mini-wall or ledge that I can use to store extra bath products.

This bathroom shared with my son (sigh), is in need of more storage. This Orbz tote purchased on Amazon is perfect for extra storage of bath, facial cleansers and toothbrushes. It has a few compartments to keep products organized and contained so the bath area remains tidy.

The bathroom counter is somewhat of a storage area for products but should be very limited to a few useful items to avoid clutter. A touch of decor is always allowed. Although bath balls are something I use occasionally for a hot soak, it looks decorative in an apothecary jar.

Tip: Decant packaged bath products in an apothecary or decorative jar if they have to be out in the open.

Even the lid of the toilet bowl can be used to store an item or two.

Another smaller, yet purposeful area for storing medications, prescriptions or beauty products is in the medicine cabinet.

Tip: Try to keep medications in one central area to avoid duplicate purchases.

On the bottom shelf, right, are products that are seldom used. I segregated them from products that I touch frequently to avoid having to constantly shift them out of the way.

I placed the nail polish remover in the medicine cabinet since it was a little too tall to fit in a drawer. When it’s done, I may replace it with a reduced size.

Organized Drawer & Cabinet Storage

With six drawers and a cabinet in the vanity, there is plenty of storage!

Tip: If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, consider a vanity with drawers and cabinet. Drawers allow you to store more items since the depth is nearly as deep as the vanity. It’s also great for storing smaller items like cosmetics, oral care or hair grooming products. Taller items such as lotions or cleaning products can be placed in the cabinet.

The vanity drawers have three varying depths to provide versatility in storage options. Here’s what I stored in each:

The upper left drawer contains oral care and a compartmented organizer to separate contents. And yes, I’m a teeth clencher at night and need the mouthguard.

I’m careful not to overload the drawer with excessive oral care products. It may contain a small backup supply of toothpaste or toothbrush. Since I had a spare compartment, I used it to store the facial scrub attachment.

The next drawer below is a little deeper. It contains makeup, a box of tissue and other grooming products.

Here’s another image of the same drawer showing stacking acrylic containers to store makeup and tools. I keep a limited amount of makeup since my needs are pretty basic.

The bottom vanity drawers are the deepest, but I decided it would be more appropriately used to store the plug-in stuff like my hairdryer, irons and shaver.

Tip: To avoid loose, small items from shifting around in the drawer, corral them in a tray or bin.

The top right drawer holds hair grooming tools such as combs, brush, hairbands, hairpins, hairclip and mirror.

Tip: If your organizers don’t have grips on the bottom to prevent them from sliding around in the drawer, try using one of the following:

This middle drawer shares space with a combination of products.

Feminine hygiene products are stored neatly in the right, bottom drawer. These woven baskets act as dividers to separate products while keeping them contained and organized.

Tip: Removing products from the boxes allows you to take a quick inventory.

I made use of the area under the sink to store taller products. To gain more storage, I used stackable bins to optimize the height and as much depth as possible.

A microfibre cloth under the sink is handy for a quick clean up of water splashes on the counter. I also keep a small collection of makeup bags, contained in a larger one right behind the basket of toilet paper. It comes in handy when I need a makeup bag to hold a few cosmetics for touch-ups or for travel use.

Tip: Always take measurements of drawers (WxLxH) and areas in between plumbing fixtures before purchasing bins. Measure those too!

Got questions or need help to get your bathroom detoxified, making it efficient and beautifully organized?

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