The question I get asked most often is, “how long will it take to get my home organized? How many hours is it going to take? Just an idea?”

How Quick Are You at Making Decisions?

To determine the length of time it takes to get organized, these questions are important to ask. How much clutter is in the space? Is it one room or an entire house that needs decluttering? How long does it take you to make decisions on what to let go of? How motivated are you to get rid of the clutter? The decision process is different for each individual. Some can make a decision within minutes on what they can keep or toss. While others take hours as they ponder, taking a trip down memory lane before they can decide. These are important questions to ask and based on your answer, it can determine length of time to get organized.

How Emotionally Attached Are You to Your Items?

You may take twenty minutes to half an hour trying to decide if you should keep an item that might be clearly broken or damaged in some way. You reminisce about your great Aunt Peggy giving you this wooden car as a child and is now missing a wheel. Will you consider spending the cost to get a wheel custom made to keep the wooden car? If you plan to keep it, are you ok with it being displayed with a missing wheel? These decisions are heartfelt. Our belongings have sentimental value which makes it tougher to let go. For others, the decision of letting go is easy to make. They just need a helping hand to sort through the pile.

How Large is the Area to be Organized?

A basement that has been used as a dumping ground to store years of memorabilia, retired furniture and old documents may take a few hours or a few days depending on the amount of stuff that has been stored. Just imagine having to go through every single box, looking at each item to determine what should be kept, donated or tossed. Compare this to a small pantry. Less square footage to go through and the choice here is pretty simple on what stays or goes. With food, we look for expiry dates. If the food is expired or growing hair, it gets tossed. Simple as that.

The time it takes to get organized can feel like a long distance marathon which is why doing it alone can be an overwhelming task. A Professional Organizer works with you to help you with the decision making and provides you with support and a system on how to keep spaces tidy.

Home consultations is like a fact finding mission for Professional Organizers. We need to learn as much as we can in order to find the right system that will help keep you organized.

For instance:

  • Your lifestyle, habits and vision for the space.
  • We take pictures and measurements for space planning.
  • How willing you are to do some homework.
  • This will provide a gauge on how long it may take to get your space organized and within your budget. The next step is to set a date to start with the decluttering and finding a home for the things you cherish.

How Motivated Are You to Get Organized?

It’s not likely that years of clutter appeared overnight right? It’s gonna take some time to have spaces cleared and organized. With the aid of a Professional Organizer and having a system in place, years of clutter does not have to take years to reduce. Are you ready to start enjoying your home again and live a better quality of life with less stuff? Just holla!

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