Setting a budget to hire a Professional Organizer is not easy to figure out especially when you have no idea on project duration or how much it will cost for additional storage products. To help you move closer to transforming your space from chaos to sublime, I’ve outlined a few ways to help with establishing a budget.

Project Timeline

Getting your space organized from start to completion could take hours, days or weeks depending on the level of clutter in the space and size of the room. For instance, a small walk-in closet may take a day to sort and purge all items with another day scheduled to organize remaining items. This seems pretty straight forward doesn’t it? Well, I can tell you that time goes by in a flash! Your motivation level and speed at which you make decisions on what to let go determines how fast or how slowly you’ll get to that finish line. Check out my blog post How Long Will it Take to Get Organized for more details on estimating timeline.

Professional Organizer Fees

The cost can vary from organizer to organizer depending on their experience, training and services offered. Professional Organizer service fees can range from $50 to $100+ per hour with some offering discounted package deals.

Additional services to consider are shopping and sourcing fees averaging $20 to $30+ per hour. Professional Organizers can shop for the ideal organizational products to contain your belongings or they can do the sourcing and provide you with a list of products that you can shop for on your own. Either option you choose, be sure to include those fees to the budget.

Unsure of where to find a local Professional Organizer? A good place to start is national associations like Professional Organizers in Canada or NAPO. These associations provide credibility, leadership, support and a code of ethics for all their members to follow. You can find a Professional Organizer near you by checking out the member’s page on their website. Other popular options are social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram. Contact two to three organizers by phone to inquire more about their services. During the call, you’ll find out right away if you’re vibing or making a connection with them. That’s important! No point hiring an organizer if your ying is not their yang!

Cost of Goods

If you have existing storage bins or furniture, your Professional Organizer may be able to rework them in the space which would help to reduce the expense of buying new. If it’s determined these items can’t be repurposed for that space, new or additional storage containers, organizing accessories or furniture may be a necessary purchase to control the clutter and keep areas tidy. For small areas like a linen closet, try setting aside a budget of at least $100 to $200. Larger areas like the home office or garage, storage may require at least $300 and up. This is a rough gauge and varies depending on the type of product ie. bin or furniture, quantity or store preference. IKEA versus Solutions Store, big diff.

Money Management

It’s always a great practice to manage your spending, so setting a budget for organizing services and products is vital. If you have concerns with the costs of hiring a professional organizer and can no longer sacrifice your peace of mind, Value Penguin by Lending Tree has some great tips on How To Save Up Money Fast so you can bring order to your life.

If you need help with getting your space organized along with a budget based on your goals, give me a call and let’s figure it out together. 🙂

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