Let’s face it, us women feel gooood when we accessorize with a rockin handbad but it could totally mess up our swag if we’re worried about what might bust out when we open it. Now everybody knows your business!

Initially, the contents may start out with just the necessities, wallet, keys, lipstick and the I-can’t-live-without cell phone. But over a short period of time, very short period of time, there is a collection of receipts, snacks, loose change, a few options of lipsticks, pens, the baby’s pacifier and other necessities gets thrown in making it super frustrating to find the thing you’re looking for most.

Also, keep in mind that the more we stuff our handbags, the more weight we carry on our shoulders which could lead to serious health concerns like poor posture, neck and back pain, or tendinitis. Ouch. Let’s avoid the health risks and reduce stress levels by quickly retrieving what you need and keep your business to yourself. 😉

So how do you prevent your handbag from getting all jacked up with stuff?First, let’s start with emptying the contents of your handbag. I would highly suggest doing a purge of your wallet at the same time too, especially if it’s in the same condition of your handbag.

I’ll use mine as an example. An oldie but goodie. It’s mid sized with just two open pockets and a zipped one. For me, the more pockets the better to separate contents, but this will work fine for demonstration purposes.

Like the Sesame Street rhyme, “one of these things just doesn’t belong”, we edit by removing the items that keeps getting shuffled around but is not needed in the handbag. Like the baby’s bib that got shoved there after feeding instead of the diaper bag? It’s like two weeks now. Done that! 🙂

Now we can separate the remaining items into groupings, similar items grouped together like this.

This is just an idea of items that you can group together to keep your handbag organized. There may be some additional items you carry like hand wipes or hand sanitizer, which can be put in the same pouch as your lotion. If you travel with a tablet on a daily basis, it may require a larger handbag with a separate compartment for tablets or laptops.

Tip #1: To neatly contain small items like hairpins and bandages, I used resealable plastic bags as shown below.

Your organized and contained contents can now be returned to your handbag.

It should easily close.

To travel even lighter, you could ditch your notepad or planner and just use your cell phone. Since I edit my wallet regularly, my receipts and coupons are placed in one of the side compartments that looks pretty similar to this one. This one from Etsy is prettier though.

Plenty of room for credit cards. Zippered middle compartment for loose change, coupons or gift cards could go on either side of the zippered compartment.

Hides Handcrafted Full Grain Leather Wallet

Another zipper on the back! Perfect for receipts.

Hide Handcrafted Full Grain Leather Wallet

This is my old tattered wallet. Wallets can feel heavy like a brick if it’s overstuffed with paper and change. I keep it as light as possible, editing frequently. I also keep two cards of a similar kind to maximize the slots. Ie. debit card and credit card in same slot, Air Miles and other points card in same slot, etc.

Tip #2: Speaking of receipts, you’ll want to edit at least once a week. Your wallet or handbag should only be a temporary resting spot. Recycle expired receipts or file away if being used for tax purposes. Learn more about paper processing on an upcoming blog.

I’d love to hear from you have any feedback, questions about this blog or any of my services. Stay curious! 🙂

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