Not willing to give up space on my bathroom counter, I used to store my makeup bag underneath the sink. Having renovated the bathroom about 5 years ago, I ensured the vanity would have enough drawers to store and organize my makeup.

In previous years, I only ever owned one large bag that contained all my cosmetics and brushes. I enjoyed applying makeup but didn’t take it seriously by having my makeup tools separate from my cosmetics. A brush for face, blush and shadow. That’s it. All in the bag they go.

Since then, I’ve scaled back tremendously. I really wasn’t using all the products. Besides, I found the more makeup I wore, the more I thought it aged me. Like whoa! Not having that. After taking a look at what I wore most often or in trend, I tossed a number of lipsticks, lip liners, blushes and eyeshadows. I’m only keeping what I use most frequently. I ditched the large makeup storage bag, only using it for travel and storing a few extra cosmetics in much smaller makeup bags.

Vanity Drawer

If your bathroom vanity has drawers, this idea may work for you if you lack counter space. I’ve taken them out of the drawer so you can see my entire collection. 😉

These acrylic trays purchased from Homesense, help to separate each product by category and are super easy to clean with just mild soap and water. I don’t have space in the drawer to lay them side by side, so they are stacked instead to optimize the height of the drawer.

If you’re not a cosmetic minimalist like me, Andee Layne is sure to inspire you with how she creatively organized her makeup.

Under the Sink

Optimize space under your bathroom sink to store all cosmetics and brushes. These clear acrylic organizers help you to see what’s contained in its drawers. You can also add a label to locate what you need at quick glance.

On the Wall

Make use of vertical space and use wall shelves to organize makeup. Mount shelves on available space without compromising functionality in the room like Jessica at Thoughtfully Organized has done.

More shelfie dreams for those who have a lot more makeup and need to extend vertically with a few extra shelves.

If you lack wall space in the bathroom, consider other areas in your home like the bedroom or in a closet. What’s not to love about purging some of your less desirable shoes to make room for your cosmetics! Ria at RiOrganize does it again! Swooning. 🙂

Use a Bookshelf

Use a bookshelf to organize makeup. This one has a few shelves and stores plenty. Go taller and wider if you have space and need more storage.

Tip: Consider carving out a little space in your home office for make-up storage and application. Your desk can serve to apply makeup, add task lighting if you don’t have a lamp and stow a mirror nearby.

Use a Caddy

A caddy can flex in any room to store food, laundry, cleaning items, or makeup. Why not? This is an awesome use of makeup storage for small spaces.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to makeup storage organizers. My preference tends to lean towards clear acrylic containers since they add a very clean aesthetic. But as you can see from the above images, makeup is stored in a variety of ways; decorative storage boxes, re-using product packaging, re-purposed jars, pencil holders, mugs, baskets, bins, etc. With so many options on the market in an assortment of sizes and materials, choose what suits your budget and style.

Need to know where to shop for cosmetic organizers? Here are some links below that could be helpful.

Happy Organizing!

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