To continue the momentum of making updates to my home, I decided to work on something smaller. Nothing as laborious as my home office makeover and primary bedroom. Our small linen closet should prove to be a manageable project. I’m just not looking forward to the task of having to remove the wallpaper. Working my broad shoulders in this narrow closet is part of the challenge, but I didn’t want to put it off any longer. The time has come.

I am so glad I made the decision! This simple low-budget makeover makes a huge impact to my small linen closet.

Watch the Process!

Despite being apprehensive about starting this project, I’m so glad I did! The walls and shelves look so fresh and clean and even more organized than before.

The Decision Making

My thought is, if something isn’t being used, it’s considered clutter.

Here’s another video to show how I was able to make decisions on what to edit.

Mini Linen Closet Update

home office open shelving

After acquiring a deep tissue massage kit and a foot massager, the previous basket could not contain everything. The easiest thing to do was to replace the basket with something larger and sturdy enough to pull out and push back after use. This white fabric storage basket (shown on the floor, bottom, left side) is not only about the pretty visuals but would hold up under the pressure.

The system may not work as slick since needs often change. Mini tweaks or adjustments are necessary to maintain tidy spaces and keep clutter under control.

Until next time,

Arlene xoxox

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