Since the homeowner has limited space for an office to process paper, action mail, or store office supplies, the kitchen table became the landing strip for all things office, to personal care, to electronics (see before and after in an upcoming post) with an itty bitty area for having meals. The table would still have to act as double duty for paper processing and eating however, meals would be much more enjoyable with the clutter removed and a designated area to store mail until processed.

This hallway was in need of a greater purpose besides having cleared access to the outdoors. It would be the ideal spot for multipurpose activities. The homeowner would sort mail, charge electronics, have quick access to a shredder and bin for paper recycling. But first, the entire space would need to be cleared.

Experiencing a sudden shift in life having to downsize living space to less than half within a short period of time, can result in this type of clutter especially when there is little opportunity to purge before a move. Even more difficult to edit down when every item represents a fond memory or holds a sense of value.

With extra hands from family members along with the help and gentle guidance of a Professional Organizer (moi), we were able to clear out the space, moving “keep” items to a new area in the home for better utilization and “toss” items for donation or trash.

The tattered blinds were removed and a window film was added to create privacy but still allow the light of the sun to flood the space.

A tidy and organized area for actioning mail is now ready for use. A trash bin and shredder play tag team to quickly dispose of unwanted paper; discarded envelopes, flyers or personalized documents/bills.

Let’s take a closer look. The corkboard, now covered in fabric was not being utilized at all. I rescued it and gave it a purpose (see before pic – hidden behind the book shelf). I beefed up the frame, painted it black and covered the cork with fabric. Not only is it decorative but it can also serve as a message center.



Hung on the wall, I repurposed the clients black wicker basket to store head set and Ipad when not in use.

I added the homeowners wooden bowl found during the clean up and repurposed it for placing keys. The mail sorter, previously silver now rocking a gold spray painted finish, will hold mail until actioned, note pad and planner. I found the brass bud vase at a thrift store and is perfect to contain pens and letter opener.

With a place for everything and everything in is place, this hallway is now ready to receive mail! 🙂

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