Several months later, now that the proverbial dust has settled from the home office makeover, I’m ready to take on another project – the primary bedroom. 

Our primary bedroom had not been updated in more than a decade. It was last on the list of updates partly because the thought of having to move the heavy pieces of furniture out of the room exhausted me. Plus I still kinda liked the mustard paint colour (don’t judge). If you’ve seen the green on my home office walls, you’ll know I’m not shy about using colour. But if not now when? Let’s do this!

I want to turn up the level with a monochromatic look that is has a light and airy feeling. This transformation will elevate my primary bedroom from basic to a moody, cozy, relaxing retreat.

A Look Back

home office desk

Something I forgot to mention in my previous post. My sister Iesha at The Uncluttered Lifestyle, and I are collaborating on updating both of our homes, working on similar projects at the same time! She is also a diy’er, Professional Organizer and loves interior design as much as I do! Doesn’t that make for a great partnership to bounce ideas off each other? She has helped me make design decisions on the home office, the primary bedroom and I know we’ll be collaborating on future home makeover projects.

The plan is to keep all furniture, reuse the curtain rod and bring back some statement decor pieces that were already in the room. This will be a considerable cost saving for this project. We made a good investment in choosing quality pieces that are timeless.

Other than changing the paint colour, I want to make further enhancements that will help with transforming the bedroom.

  • new window treatments
  • new lighting
  • new bedding
  • create a feature wall
  • paint the headboard
  • a sprinkle of new decor

What I’m Visualizing

organized home office desk drawer

To help take the vision from my head to reality, I created a mood board. I pulled home decor, accent wall ideas and furnishings I found on Pinterest that gave me the look and feel I was after.

I want natural, earthy colours and textures combined with a bold statement wall.

This mood board gives me the vision of the finalized look which incorporates my existing pieces of furniture and decor.

The Colour Palette

Now onto the phase of the project which is the most fun! Selecting paint colour!  As you know, or maybe you didn’t realize, there are so many “white” and “black” paint colours to choose from. Having used Sherwin Williams for the exterior of my home, I decided to come back to it to use in the primary bedroom. Normally, I would select one too many swatches before narrowing down my choice, but had little effort deciding this time.

Being a fan of Iesha’s breezy coastal Cali vibe, I had asked her which “white” she used for her primary bedroom walls. Sherwin Williams, Alabaster was perfect! It has warm, beige undertones that will work perfectly with any of my decorative accents. Now that I have my room colour, I want a complimentary “black” that also has warm undertones like the Alabaster. The sales associate at Sherwin Williams helped me decide on Black Magic for the accent wall. The easiest paint selection ever!

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

home office open shelving

Popcorn ceiling removal is messy and dusty but having a smooth ceiling is oh so worth it.

The texture on the ceiling is water soluble and quite simple to remove. I sprayed the ceiling with water, then scraped it off using a wide putty knife. Once the popcorn is scraped, the imperfections are revealed. Drywall tape needed to be skimmed with drywall compound for a more even appearance and nail holes required filling. Then the entire ceiling needed to be sanded before painting.

I highly recommend using a proper dust mask when sanding, not what I’m wearing on my face. I was in beast mode and dived into the project without even thinking. I definitely wasn’t better off wearing a face mask.frown

While sourcing for moulding to use for the picture frames, I found one with a nice profile, not too wide and affordably priced at Lowes. We used these 1-1/8″ wide x 8′ long wood moulding to create a total of 10 frames for the feature wall.

To get a visual before we started cutting the moulding, I mapped it all out on the wall using painter’s tape. This would ensure the frames would be the perfect size and balance on the wall. Once I was pleased with how it all looked, we then measured and made 45º cuts on each end and secured them in place using a nail gun. I then filled the nail holes using wood filler and caulked around the inside and outside edges of the frames to fill in any gaps.

⇐Check out the video for a glimpse of the install.

Talk about a dramatic change! I mean, I didn’t just stop at having a black wall, but the addition of the picture frame moulding adds so much dimension! It’s so wild! The room isn’t furnished yet and I already feel like I’m wrapped in the most luxurious blanket.

By the way, I used a primer first before adding paint colour. Yes, even a dark paint like the black I used, requires primer to prevent the yellow from showing through.

My DIY Project

The headboard was one of my least favourite elements in the room.  Although the tone of the wood compliments the other pieces of furniture, it just looked dated. I was done with looking at the 4 nipples on the top.yell It could not go back into the room as is. I had considered replacing it but ultimately decided painting it black would be more impactful. 

Before painting, I need to prep the headboard.

  1. Remove “nipples”: Actually they are wood plugs that look like nipples to me. They are used to cover screws that secures the top trim to the headboard. I used a putty knife to pry them off, filled the holes with wood filler, then sanded once dried.
  2. Scuff sand: I used 180 grit to scuff the entire surface of the headboard for better paint adhesion. A lint free cloth was used to remove the sanding dust.
  3. Paint: This paint is the bomb! I stumbled on Fusion Mineral Paint scrolling through a variety of Pinterest posts where so many furniture flippers had used this paint. Based on the transformations and beautiful colour selections, I had to give it a try. It’s easy to work with, provides exceptional coverage and I didn’t need to prime or use a top coat! I mean I could have gone through those steps but nah. Two coats of Coal Black is all that was required.


My headboard looks so much better in black! I am so pleased with how it turned out!

The Thrill of a Good Thrift

Guess who scored another MCM (mid-century modern) pair of drip glaze lamps for this project? I bought them while on a thrift hunt and they were in perfect condition! Did you know MCM drip glaze lamps could cost up to $2000?!! Insane price right?! My lamps cost less than $20 for the two! I just need to get shades for them and life is golden.

Incorporating thrifted finds will be a recurring theme in all my home makeover projects. I tend to find the most timeless, unique one-of-a-kind pieces that enhance my home with a curated look. I also spend far less on vintage items purchased at thrift stores than the fortune I would spend on a new knock-off. 

The Full Reveal

Y’all I would have just been happy like pigs in mud just to lay on the carpet in an unfurnished room. I was feeling like I didn’t deserve such a beautiful space. I mean, I know it’s the look I was hoping to achieve, but living in it was surreal. It’s like my primary bedroom was meant for some classy chic, not me. I quickly got over it though! I am that deserving, classy chic!

You know what else? I feel silly about not having done this makeover sooner. Every time I enter our bedroom, it’s like a vacation in a boutique hotel. It gives me all the feels. Sleep hasn’t been any sweeter. 

Until next time.

Arlene xoxox

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