When I came across this piece at a moving sale, I was all too excited. Not only do I have a love for vintage, but I adore any furniture that has a Colonial styling to it. My home doesn’t reflect that period, however I hope to one day turn my dream into reality of owning a British Colonial styled home somewhere in the Caribbean. Working on it. 🙂

Ya, I know what you’re thinking. Pretty distressed. Which is ok if you’re after that look, but I prefer a look that’s much more finished. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a piece of furniture and add two contrasting colours of paint. Black was likely going to be one of the preferred colour of choice balanced with either a soft white or grey. This small side or end table would be a simple enough project for me bring this vision to life. But first I would need to sand all areas (except the caning) with fine grit sandpaper. Sorry no sanded table pics available! I’ll include more of those on the next project. Sanding also helps the paint adhere better to the surface.

Materials List:

  • fine grit sandpaper
  • Sherwin Williams Exterior Grade paint, Tricorn Black, Satin finish
  • Sherwin Williams Exterior Grade paint, Skyline Steel, Satin finish
  • good quality paint brush
  • painters tape

I don’t often know where in my home these found pieces are going to be placed or if they may be made available for sale. Sidebar: I’m making select pieces available for sale too. You’ll have to follow my Instagram page for those sightings. Soooo…after some tender sanding, it’s now paint ready. By the time this table was ready for paint, I had found its purpose. It would be used outdoors on my front porch, nestled between my two wicker chairs. Thus the exterior grade paint for protection against the outdoor weather.

The apron and legs were painted first, using three light coats of paint, allowing to dry in between coats. Once completely dry, I gave it a few days, I then taped off the areas with painters tape to paint the top. Painters tape is a joy to use since I didn’t want to risk any of the lighter grey paint getting on the black.

My afters…

Just pointing out that I didn’t care to mend some the damaged areas. I think it adds to the character of the table. It’s barely noticeable anyway.

I had a piece of glass cut-to-fit the top to protect the caning. The glass also makes for a better surface for resting items.

Tip: I used these clear furniture disks to keep the glass in place and prevents from shifting.

By the way, this baby is coming indoors for the winter. 😉

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