If only I had thought of taking before pics so you could see what the bar cart used to look like. This cart had belonged to my mom, but for all the years she had it, it was only used as a plant stand. Clearly I have a different vision for it.

Mom was quite particular about her tender greenery making sure it was watered, fertilized or repotted with fresh soil. Boy did they show their appreciation. The majority of her plants were pinched from unknown sources or rescued from its owner before it withered to a dry stick. Dare not engage in horseplay and forget you’ve gone too close to catch your balance, snap a leaf and not notice the evidence on the floor! You would only hear mom’s thunderous growl, “which one of you kids broke my plant!” Ya mom had thunder. Thank goodness our cat Tibby was cool with taking the blame. After all she had been caught red handed a few times by mom having a boxing match with the fronds of her ferns.

Me? Well I have an affection for plants but not as feverish about it as mom. Repurposing the cart to hold a few spirits when entertaining was going to be of better use to me than another plant stand.

The original version had two brown tinted glass shelves, one for the top and the other for the bottom of the cart. I replaced them with these trays I made. I used half inch mdf (medium density fibreboard) and spray painted them gloss white. I also spray painted the brass frame of the cart with this gunmetal grey and changed out the brass wheels with these shiny chrome ones. Voila! My modernized version of mom’s plant stand.

I thought I would have a fun little game for y’all to see how good you are to spot as many items as you can that are at least 30 years plus. The answers are listed below but no peeking. Write your answers down on a sheet of paper and check to see how many are correct.

Here are the items.

  1. The cart! I gave that one away.
  2. Framed mirror. It was a honey coloured wood that I spray painted gloss black.
  3. Metal serving tray. I think this one belonged to Granny. It sat unused in our mid-century modern china hutch for decades.
  4. Floral plant pot. I can’t recall which plant mom had in this one but definitely an 80’s throwback.
  5. Brass stand. These were very popular back in the late 70’s and revived now. Thrift store find.
  6. Whiskey decanter. Circa 1970. It was part of a set with 4 rock glassware that also decorated the inside of the hutch. Can’t say I know what happened to the glassware, but my eyes are stuck on this decanter!

If you guessed at least two, including one answer I totally gave away (the cart), then you are only reading this for enjoyment. Thank you! 🙂

Guessed 3 or 4? Hey, pretty sweet. You have some interest in retro/vintage items. We cool.

You got them all? Then it wasn’t difficult for you at all. You already have a thrill for these types of finds so we most def can kick it!

So how did you do?

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