I'm Arlene Williams

I'm Arlene Williams

Professional Organizer & Founder

I have always had a knack for being organized. Having a clutter-free home simplifies living. With over 20 years of organizing experience in sales, marketing, project management and customer service, launching a career as a Professional Organizer was an organic transition. Being a strong supporter of mental health and wellness, I founded Bona Fide Organizing to help people limit the stress that clutter causes so they can focus on living a healthier, balanced life in spaces they can enjoy.

I’m also a DIY junkie! I enjoy adding flair to my home by refinishing furniture and reviving vintage treasures found at estate sales, thrift stores and garage sales.

You can catch a glimpse of some of my home renovation, upholstery or sewing projects on my blog. Certified in Landscape Design, I apply similar principles of form, function and balance to interior spaces. The result? A combination of creativity with a practical sense of design that provides stylish, yet calming and functionally organized spaces.

I’m absolutely thrilled when clients breathe a sigh of relief as soon as they see the clutter diminish!”


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Thank you very much for your support on my path to reintergration and having a healthy balanced life. I appreciate all the work you continue to do with me.


Ms Arlene says matching hangers, color coordinated clothes and matching storage boxes help to elevate my closet.

I purged and donated bags of “stuff” and feel liberated, organized and inspired, ready to tackle the hall closet next! WhoOooHoOoo!!

If you need someone to be your conscience (I did!) while releasing your outdated “stuff” and reorganizing your closets, shoot her an email!


Thanks so much Arlene!

This lady had me depart with the unnecessary. “No more envelopes…That’s why you have file folders.”

I just want to say that my new shredder has been named ArleneBona!

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