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Junk Drawer Organizing Workshop

June 8, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

At this Masterclass Workshop, we’ll be crushing clutter that occupies the smallest space in your home, your drawers.That’s right! Pick a drawer, any disorganized, overstuffed, out-of-control drawer that needs to be organized; kitchen drawer, bathroom cabinet drawer, bedroom dresser drawer, dining room hutch drawer, office drawer, the I-don’t-know-where-this-goes-so-I’ll-put-it-here drawer. Simply bring your drawer to the workshop, as many as you can manage, and I’ll help you sort through all the contents and provide methods on how to make it neat and tidy.

So why else would you want to attend the Masterclass Workshop?

  • DIY WAS A FLOP: You read every book, blog post or magazine article on how to get organized on your own, but procrastinated and the mess is still staring you in the face. You finally dragged yourself to declutter, opened the drawer, got overwhelmed and changed your mind. Or, you actually followed what was suggested, but somehow your attempt at organizing doesn’t resemble that lovely image on Pinterest. I’ll provide the motivation you need to get started on delcuttering that agonizing drawer from start to finish.
  • MEET NEW PEOPLE: You’ll find comfort in knowing you’re with a group of people who also need help to clear clutter and get organized too. You’ll be in a fun, relaxing environment with no pressure, stress, criticism or judgement.
  • LEARN SOMETHING NEW: You’ve managed to keep your home fairly organized thus far, but you’re always looking at better ways to be more productive and efficient to gain more of that well deserved leisure time. I’ll share tips on controlling clutter and how to maintain spaces to remain tidy and neat. You’ll get suggestions on what to look for to find the perfect storage products that are versatile, suits your budget and space.

Since you’ve finally committed towards clearing the clutter, let’s address the annoying, disorderly paper that is jammed in cardboard boxes, plastic bins, filing cabinets or shoe boxes – receipts, bills, personal documents, etc. We’ll sort through what you should keep, give it a category for easy filing and what you don’t need will be shredded. Junk drawer and paper organizing. What???!! (mic drop).

Food and refreshments will be served during the Masterclass Workshop.

Get your early bird discount by purchasing tickets before the deadline. Seats are limited.

Feel free to share this event to someone you think would benefit from this workshop. For ticket info and to register see Eventbrite link below. 

Let’s do this! Hope to see you there!



Arlene Williams


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