Virtual Organizing

You are self-disciplined, motivated and would prefer to work with a professional organizer virtually or there isn’t one available locally. With no in-person visits, we communicate only through video conference, using your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

  • I will provide a 1-hour virtual assessment consultation, taking a look at all areas of the room using your laptop, smartphone or tablet, discuss your organizing challenges and expectations for the room.
  • During the virtual assessment consultation, you’ll be provided with support and encouragement with advice on how to organize and optimize your space.
  • Within two business days, receive a BFO Blueprint Action Plan with suggested products, price list, recommended resources and maintenance tips.
  • Receive up to three 20-minute scheduled virtual follow up meetings to monitor your progress, with continued support to keep you motivated.
  • Receive email support in between meetings, including organizing homework to help you achieve your personal organizing goals.

The Benefits

  • You’ll get clear direction on how to implement the decluttering and organizing process.
  • You’ll have an estimated timeline to complete each project but you can work at your own pace taking as much or as little time as needed.
  • You’ll receive a list of suggested products with pricing to help your space get organized within budget.
  • You’ll receive a list of local resources to donate, sell, consign or junk removal.
  • You’ll receive a list of local professional trade services for home improvement and repairs, painting, cleaning services, interior design and real estate agents.


Why This Plan Works For You

  • You can use the technology of your cell phone, laptop or tablet with ease and have internet access.
  • You’re self-motivated, focused and physically able to do the organizing work yourself or enlist the help of family or friends.
  • You CAN do this yourself! You just need instructions along with expert advice to turn your vision of a calm, efficient and functional space to reality.

More Info

Payment is due in full before the scheduled consultation and can be paid online by electronic transfer.

Recommended resources are made available to residents in the Greater Toronto Area only.

Change of Plans

Life changed and you need a professional organizer to take over where you left off? No problem. I got you! Let’s have a chat to discuss what service is needed to get your organizing project completed.

BFO Organizing Consultant Rate $75/hr: includes room measurements, assistance with decluttering and organizing.

Shopping $55/hr: I can shop for the perfect container or furniture so you don’t have to.