Working remotely is much more of a reality in 2022. With work-at-home opportunities on the rise, having an organized home office space free from distractions will help to keep you focused.

Here are five home office organizing tips that can boost your productivity and motivation.

1. Clean & Decluttered Desk

home office desk

Having your desk clean and organized will help you feel more accomplished and ready to start the day.

To keep desk surfaces efficient and looking tidy, use a combo of desktop organizers. Before heading off to shop for organizing products, decide which supplies are important to stay on your desk. Having one too many items on your desk will take up valuable workspace. If you don’t think you will need to use them daily, consider storing them in a drawer.

To help achieve this streamlined look, a mug was repurposed as a pen holder, immediate action documents and notepads are organized in a desktop file sorter and sticky notes are cleverly tucked away in a dispenser.

2. Organized Office Supplies

organized home office desk drawer

This desk uses drawer organizers in a variety of sizes to group similar office supplies together. Be sure to take measurements of the drawer and bring them with you to ensure the products will fit.

Try not to be bothered if all items aren’t placed in organizers. Items like the hole punch, stapler and scissor are utilizing the empty spaces in the drawer.

3. Utilize Walls for Open Shelving

home office open shelving

Look at an empty wall to increase your storage options. Adding three shelves above the printer provides plenty of storage and is the ideal spot to utilize wall space.

Industrial style, black metal shelf supports for the pine shelving add a modern touch and visual interest in this area of the office.

Open shelves can provide quick access to frequently used items however, they can easily get cluttered. To avoid clutter on shelves, reduce reading material to what’s current and useful in the office.

4. Practical Storage for Essentials

Oversized storage furniture or too many inadequate storage pieces can eat up premium office space. To function in a space that stimulates creativity and performance, there needs to be a balance between having enough breathing room and sufficient storage.

Source furniture based on what is necessary for it to store and make sure it’s sized right for the space. Take measurements and leave enough allowance to fully open drawers or move about in the space.

Labels are added to this modular storage chest to help identify where documents or other office supplies should be stored and returned after use.

5. Display What Inspires You

Bring in beautiful decor and items that inspire you to feel at ease and motivated to perform your best.

Displays of colourful framed art or inspirational quotes help to bring personality to your office. An artistic collage of images on a vision board is placed where it can easily be seen to help manifest dreams to success.

Make your home office a place you look forward to working in. Having a tidy, aesthetically pleasing home office will motivate you to keep your spaces clean and organized.

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